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DDA Work Plan

With the Mission in the forefront, the Downtown Development Authority work plan of desired goals is developed each fall. The Plan is a list of specific goals to be accomplished over the next year and serves as an achievement benchmark for progress. These goals are developed using input from community leaders, government officials, committee members, property owners, and others within the district during the planning session. The Board is charged with implementing the plan and is comprised of committees that carry out the purpose, function and management of the Authority. This document gives insight to the structure of the Authority and committee detail.

The organizational structure of the Authority consists of five committees with seven to ten members per committee and the Executive Committee consisting of the Officers. Four of these committees are based in the four-point approach to downtown revitalization as outlined by the National Main Street Program (organization, promotion, design and economic restructuring). The Economic Restructuring Committee has been renamed Business Development and Organization has added Outreach in an effort to more clearly represent the committee intent. Due to the increased number of programs of the Design Committee and the growing parking program, parking was separated from Design in 2011.

As reflected in last year’s Downtown Development Authority work plan, the top economic focus for the next several years will be the addition of hotel rooms and development of more upper story housing. These priorities require partnerships, opportunity, funding and time, and therefore  are ongoing items on this years plan. Progress has been made on the goal of additional hotel rooms with the receipt of a workable proposal for future development adjacent to the river front. The Authority will continue to work with all agencies, commissions and others to ensure cooperation and communication.

With the end of 2012, came the completion and presentation of a downtown Master Plan. The Plan focuses more strategically in setting and accomplishing future goals that fall primarily to the Business Development and Design Committees. A one year strategy outlined in the plan includes five areas: vacant storefront improvement; working closely with the Historic Preservation Commission, streamlining the process for opening a business, upper story development, and business recruitment all of which have been incorporated into this work plan.

2016 Work Plan