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The Main Street Program

The Rome Main Street Program is a part of a national program that encourages economic improvement and physical renovations in downtowns. The Main Street Program builds on the total image, not just a facelift of aging buildings.

Much of Main Street’s focus is on intangibles: ideas, attitudes, and economic opportunities. A positive perception by the community must be won and continually renewed. Downtown’s current condition is the product of a long and gradual change. It will take time and consistent effort to reverse negatives that have occurred. Change is only going to occur as the result of step-by-step actions. Georgia entered the program in 1980, selected as one of six demonstration states by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The goal is to achieve revitalization within the context of historic preservation stressing  self-reliance through partnerships. Rome was accepted into the program in 1981. The Rome Program is jointly sponsored by the City and the DDA, with the DDA as administrator of the program.

The Main Street Process is a four- point approach implemented with private and public sector support.

  1. Organization: Strives to promote the programs and services of the Authority, and grows participation through networking opportunities, recruitment and communication.
  2. Promotion: Coordinates events and marketing efforts that create excitement and promote downtown as the community’s social and cultural center, a unified place to shop, work, live and play.
  3. Design: Seeks to enhance the attractiveness of the overall business district by promoting and guiding physical improvements. Building rehabilitation, attractive landscaping, and clean streets all improve the physical image of the district, contributing to the reinvestment of public and private dollars.
  4. Business Development: Encourages mixed-use development and investment opportunities by understanding the economic condition of the district and recruiting new businesses, assisting existing businesses, and converting unused space for new uses.


2016 Work Plan

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