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Business Improvement District (BID)

The Rome Business Improvement District (BID) represents an important movement by property owners and business leaders to establish a well- funded organization working to ensure a positive image, supplement services, promote businesses, and market attractions and events to respond to challenges from other competitive developments within the region.  The BID was renewed for another 10 year term beginning in 2016.

The Rome BID enables local property and business owners to finance services and improvements beyond those already provided by the City of Rome. The level of assessment is determined by property owners and merchants and governed by those who pay. The establishment of a Business Improvement District is entirely the decision of property and business owners. Funds are passed directly to the District to be used for BID purposes, after being collected by the City.

The Vision: Downtown will be valued as an Economic and Historic Resource. The quality of life and sense of community experienced through the ongoing development of the city center will enrich Rome and Floyd County. 

The Mission:  To establish an equitable funding process supporting the implementation of the shared vision.


Marketing, Economic Development, Promotions– each year funds are allocated to marketing efforts, special events and business recruitment. Being one of the most important parts of the improvement plan, the program tells the story of change and improvement in Downtown Rome. The program includes several tools to support efforts to attract and retain tenants and visitors, including:

  • special events
  • consistent advertising program
  • community awareness (safety, preservation)
  • Broad Street Banner Program
  • Business Directory
  • Building Inventory
  • Public Improvement Program


Facade and Sign Grants- Funds are allocated to individual projects within the district on a first come first serve basis.

Management and Contingency

Funds are allocated for professional administrative support to manage the BID improvements and activities. A portion of the allocations go into a reserve account for unexpected projects, programs and improvements that may arise during the year. The funds are administered by the DDA Board of Directors.

BID Management Plan for 2016-2025